Zappd finally on iTunes

zappdsplashI’ve been helping to develop the iOS version of zappd for the last few months. It’s been quite a challenge to get this app to where I and the client were both happy with it. The good news is that this has finally launched.

Zappd is a rewards based mobile application which allows users to keep track of points and redeem rewards. It works through either detecting where you are through geolocation and thus giving you a list of likely places you may be, or by identifying the shop / store through scanning a QR code.


It has Facebook and Foursquare integration & is currently in pilot within the Leeds area.

Download it here


I built this using Phonegap with a view that the code developed could be reused to create the Android version. Lesson learned here is that although this is a wonderful theory, the reality is that you will spend a fair old amount of time making it work for Android.

Why is this? Phonegap can do a lot of things and I really like it. With a good UI javascript display layer (I used DHTMLX) you can get great looking apps quite quickly. The issues for me were that the plugins. The ones that you use to create the iOS version often work in a very different way for Android.

I also had to do a fair amount of messing around under the bonnet to make a number of items work how I wanted them to. This resulted in me creating a fair amount of Objective C code. The end result was pleasing, but I came to realise that I probably could have created it completely in Objective C in about the same time or less.

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