Apps for Good update – meet the teams

I’ve been working with the Apps for Good folks for over a week now and I’m able to say what the apps are and who they are being built by.



  1. Feelings in a Flash being built by Plantpot 
  2. Mapp your Way being built by Codeten 
  3. Oyster on the Go being built by Novoda
  4. Promise Keeper being built by putITout
  5. RMBme being built by Service2Media
  6. Qbooks being built by QuickBlox
  7. Weatherbirds built by Fuerte International
I’m very impressed with all of these app ideas and I’m looking forward to meeting all of the brains behind them and the folks who will build them.

Joe Molloy is a freelance technical consultant, project manager and writer, based in London, UK.

Joe helps start-ups and companies convert their vision and ideas into real world products and services. Joe specialises in helping companies get it done.