Apps for Good

I’m pleased to say that Early Adopter (my company) has been selected to help Apps for Good to deliver their award winning apps for a launch event at the end of the year.
The apps are all designed by school kids and are being built by professional companies. The apps were selected through a “Dragons Den” style competition AFG held at the Barbican in June.
It will be good to see how a variety of professional companies go about their development and see if I can learn anything from them.
It will also be interesting to see how schools have been changed by technology. I was a Teacher of Science & IT for six years in the 90’s and knew that computers and the Internet would change everything. To kit out a classroom with a PC in those days was a major budget item.
Although I went onto other & better things, I do miss the enthusiasm of the kids, I don’t miss the stress however.
Big thanks to Steve at Mediaradical and Jenny at Livestation for the heads up on this opportunity.

Joe Molloy is a freelance technical consultant, project manager and writer, based in London, UK.

Joe helps start-ups and companies convert their vision and ideas into real world products and services. Joe specialises in helping companies get it done.