AFG Update – Promise Keeper Kick off

apps-for-good-logo3Well all of the schools are back and the race is now on to channel all of that energy and enthusiasm into getting the app designs either started or finished.
The first kick off meeting I’m involved with was for the boys behind the Promise Keeper app along with Charlie and Chris from putITout. This is a very interesting app in that it could have only come out of a kids brain.
By it’s title, you may have guessed that it is all to do with kids and parents keeping a promise made. Speaking with the boys, they said that the idea came out of their own experiences of their parents making a promise and not following through with them.
The boys wanted to be able to capture that promise with a reward for its fulfilment along with the ability to provide evidence that it has been done. The forfeits are for both the Student and the Parent.
The app is a very simple and powerful concept.
I could have done with this when I was a kid. Hell, I could do with this when trying to get some of my clients to stick with what they said they would do. Some how, I can’t see a client admitting to not keeping a promise and performing a forfeit of washing my camper van.

Joe Molloy is a freelance technical consultant, project manager and writer, based in London, UK.

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