Upskill People

Upskill People LMS - Coded InteractiveWorking with a third party .Net developer, I backward engineered the Upskill LMS to allow the addition of a custom SCORM Player to Upskill Peoples existing custom Learning Management System (LMS).

This allowed the launch & play of compatible third party courses and made sure that the LMS Database was updated with the correct progression and test score values as per the SCORM Standard.

This was vital work as it allowed Upskill People to win contracts with larger clients where existing learning material was not created by Upskill People.

With my Technical Programme Manager hat on, I also got the current Roadmap consolidated and the various work programs up and running.

Joe Molloy is a freelance technical consultant, project manager and writer, based in London, UK.

Joe helps start-ups and companies convert their vision and ideas into real world products and services. Joe specialises in helping companies get it done.