NeoLucida – New take on old tech

Camera LucidaI can doodle badly. I have tried on a number of occasions to draw free-hand and it’s just not my bag. The last time I had to do any sort of live drawing was when I was a science teacher. To create pictures that meant something to the student and were easy enough to copy into their notes, I had to practice; a lot.

Now this item, called the NeoLucida, is a modern take on a very old bit of tech: the Camera Lucida.

The what?

Two US art professors have drawn on David Hockney’s book Secret Knowledge that points out that the old masters were the Early Adopters of their time. They used optics to produce the type of art works that we love and admire so much.

These guys have successfully raised enough money on kickstarter to fund a limited run of a modern version of this. They have used modern CAD techniques to produce a fabulous piece of kit. After after this initial run, they will open source it so that anyone can get it produced for themselves. Cool.

I would love to get back into drawing, as I use to love it. I almost went down the art route, but ended up taking my love of Biology all the way to degree level. I wish I could get hold of one of these and take some time to just sit down and draw.


First seen on Wired

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